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Where boys and girls begin to live


Located in the beautiful Southern Missouri hills, Camp JOY is a Bible camp that boldly and unapologetically preaches the truth of God's Word from the KJV. It is a place where lives are changed through Salvation, Christians are edified through Bible teaching and fellowship, Godly standards of music and dress are upheld, and life-long friends and memories are made.

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Spring Ladies' Retreat is June 10-12  
Youth Camp ages 7-9 begins July 12  

For over 50 years, Camp JOY has been the turning point in the lives of thousands of young people and adults from across the country. Throughout the year, the Camp hosts several different events including a spring Ladies' Retreat, the popular summer Youth Camp, and another retreat in the fall.

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Many who have attended to the camp return year after year, eager to again be encouraged in the faith and motivated to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. During the summer Youth Camp, young people from across the country participate in Bible classes, quizzes, games, sports, and evening chapel services, and many find the season a time to make new friends, be reunited with their old friends, and encourage each other in the Lord.

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