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Josiah and Katelyn have been attending Camp Joy for the past several years. They LOVE it!!! Last year they attended Kamp Kanakuk one week and Camp Joy one week. When I asked if we can only do one of them next summer which one will it be. Both of them said Camp Joy. It just shows how sweet the presence of our Savior resides in this place. Thank you Camp Joy for all you do to invest in the lives of children. I know a lot of personal sacrifice goes into making this camp run and my family is so incredibly thankful for each and everyone who volunteers there time and resources to make this such an amazing place.
Josiah & Katelyn B.
Springfield, MO

I've been going for 10 years and it has been an amazing 10 years! Can't wait for camp this year!!
Samantha C.
Cabool, MO

I have been attending Camp Joy for almost ten years now. I cannot believe what a blessing it has been in my life! I have certainly made some amazing friends there, and most importantly, it is where I accepted Christ as my savior in 2008. I have NEVER regretted that decision and I hope and pray that many more will make the same decision in years to come! I am truly and infinitely grateful that Christ is King at Camp Joy!
Thayne M.
Niangua, MO

I had such a great time at Camp this year. This year was my tenth year. I got saved last year at Camp and have learned so much this year. I really appreciated R.A.'s Bible class and Nick's missionary hour. They are such good teachers. I can't wait till the fall retreat and to see what God will do in that.
Sarah M.
Mountain Grove, MO

2014 will be only my 4th year at Camp Joy, but I already have so many wonderful memories of Camp! It has to be the closest place to heaven here on earth! God uses so many amazing people there to help change lives, and it changed my life too! Camp Joy is simply my favorite place on earth!
Gilgal Q.
Mansfield, MO

Camp JOY holds hundreds of memories for me. Bible drills, cabin inspections, swimming, preaching, missionaries, Bible study, George Taylor, Oscar & Gladys Cunningham, Mrs. Rich & Mrs. Lakey (superb camp cooks), singing specials with my sisters Ruth & Connie, Johnnie & Ronnie Atchison specials, Leslie Lakey's dramatic presentations, and the list goes on & on!

Our family planted several "Camp JOY" rows in our family garden. We prayed for the Camp Joy rows to produce a lot of food. I can remember in "lean" years, the Camp JOY rows flourished, and we didn't dare eat any of the food from the Camp JOY rows because it would be all picked and sent to Camp.

I was saved in the first girl's cabin when I was 9 years old, led to the Lord by Oscar's daughter Joyce. I enjoyed all the Christian training I received, reinforcing my church's training. I continued as a counselor through high school, college and when I became a high school teacher, enjoying 16 years as a counselor and going on a mission trip to Guatemala with the Cunninghams.

At 57 years of age, I pray year-round for the campers, counselors, preachers, missionaries, and workers for Camp JOY. I am overjoyed that Van Kelly has continued the work the Lord started through the Cunninghams, and pray for continued strength and wisdom and the Lord "touches" lives through Van's obedience to the Lord.

It will be quite a reunion at Oscar Cunningham's funeral service today and the wonderful Camp JOY memories having been "flooding" my mind since his death this past week. A few weeks ago, in a visit with him and Gladys, he repeatedly praised Van for continuing the Lord's work at Camp JOY and said, "I'm so glad to see how Van is serving the Lord through his work at Camp JOY."

I told Oscar and Gladys that it will be amazing to see, when we get to Heaven, how many people have been impacted for the Lord because of the Cunninghams and Van Kelly's willingness to serve and operate Camp JOY with Christian principles!
Jean Ann P.
Springfield, MO

I can't wait to go to camp this year. This is my 7th year and I have enjoyed every year that I have gone. Thanks to everyone that has worked to make camp great.
Susannah K.
Norwood, MO

I have been going to Camp JOY for 9 years now and it has always been the best part of my summer. I got saved there the very first night I came to Camp JOY. It has changed my life. I always go with family and I'm sure that it has impacted on their lives as well! I love it at Camp JOY! :)
Kelsie P.
Theodosia, Mo

Camp JOY is amazing. God's hand is truly on that place! I have been a camper there for 10 years now, and each year I am blessed, and truly changed. God has shown himself through the campers that I have had there, and through every service, special, devotion, and the through the people. I am SO BLESSED to have a camp like Camp JOY to go to! My summer is built around camp, I couldn't imagine a summer without it.
Samantha D.
Ava, MO

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